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Full Service Records Management. We work with our customers from start to finish on their records management programs. We can assist you in designing a records management program, transfer your documents to our facility, manage your data then dispose your information at the end of its retention period. From start to finish, ARMCO will safeguard your data for your future.
Private Audit Room. This audit room is available for customers who need to pull multiple storage containers and perform an audit on-site.

HIPAA Compliant. Our staff receives recurring professional training on HIPPA guidelines. We also receive recurring training on the legal requirements of records and data management and storage.

Department of Defense Contractor
Nearly 30 Years of Exceptional Service! 1989-2017

Atlantic Records Management Company and the Environment. For nearly 30 years, Atlantic Records Management Company has been an environmental and eco-friendly commercial records center. Our industry is one of the original “green” businesses. Recycle

Did you know the off-site storage of paper records requires no energy and causes no damage to our environment?

Did you know the off-site storage of magnetic media such as computer back-up tapes requires no energy and causes no damage to the environment?

Did you know almost 10% of all energy consumed in the US is by IT devices such as servers and hard drives storing inactive, seldom used electronic records?

That’s right, your media stored on a shelf in our facility consumes no electricity, creates no pollution, and has no negative impact on the environment.

All forms of media in storage at Atlantic Records Management Company including paper records, electronic media and even medical x-rays is 100% recycled when the retention period expires.
Even our pick-up and delivery routes are optimized for maximum efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

With rapidly rising energy costs and the resulting air quality problems created by existing sources of energy, traditional off-site paper file and back-up tape storage is the greenest and most cost-effective solution for you and our environment.