Data Management

Data Storage. All data is stored in a steel and concrete facility with security and fire protection. Access to documents is restricted to Atlantic Records Management Company personnel and authorized customer representatives only. We use the best inventory tracking and data management software available. We build your inventory base in a logical and organized manner and can send you inventory reports via the internet.

Backup Tape Rotation Service. We can provide a custom daily, weekly or monthly electronic media rotation service. We will store your computer data in our media room and return the storage container or individual item based on your schedule. We drop off the previously backed up data and pickup the newest data set and return it to our facility. By having a backup set offsite, you will have peace of mind knowing in the event of the loss of data at your location, you can perform a restore with the backup set.

Data Retrieval. Some customers store their backup computer data by tape description, such as a sequential number, and can request certain specific individual tapes be returned on a specific day, week or month.